Today in History App Adds Support for Apple Watch and Widgets

Los Angeles, CA – 11/5/16  – Today In History, the BEST way to get key facts about iconic global events and fun facts from across the centuries delivered right to your mobile device, today announced a major update to its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad line which brings the best of history to your wrist and home screen. The new update reveals the Today In History Apple Watch app, a new widget for your home screen, and a few other goodies.

Manuel Zamora, Founder at Today In history said: “Today In History on your Apple Watch and the widget for iOS further cements our promise to be everywhere our users are. Make sure that TIH users have access to history, when they need it. Now you can see the most important events of the day, on your Watch, while you’re getting a coffee or glance at them on your homescreen while reading your latest texts.”


The Apple Watch app offers a streamlined version without sacrificing content, while the widget grants a concise look at headlines for those on the go. No update is complete without awesome new features and bug fixes. Our update also includes:

  • Improvements to viewing events, adjustable text and image sizes.
  • Ability to share quotes.
  • Improvements for notifications.
  • And a significant speed increase
  • Various bug fixes and data cleanup.

“Over 250k Today In History events are seen each day on people’s iPhones and iPads,” adds Brandon Trejo, Content Manager, at Today In History. “That number should go up now that people find it much easier see our events, and the ability to share quotes gives you that little something to stay in touch with your uncle’s cousin’s second wife.”

‘Today in History’ provides headlines, quotes and stunning images of important historical events.  Whether you are an avid history buff or a casual trivia-time fan, ‘Today in History’ has something for every user – and the latest version is just the beginning of larger updates to content and features coming soon.

About Downshift LLC:

Downshift LLC, is a scrappy mobile development company that aims to provide users with applications that are simple, unique, entertaining. The creators of such favorites as Today In History, Riddle Me This, and Quote Seeker, Downshift LLC strives toward providing quality applications that allow for increased connectivity, enjoyment and ease-of-use. Downshift LLC is based in Los Angeles, CA and was founded in 2009. To learn more about Today In History and check out some of history’s greatest hits, visit:

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Manuel Zamora, Founder at Downshift LLC



Today In History…

Just another day?…NEVER! With Today in History, every day is historic and epic!

April 15th, 2105. Abraham Lincoln’s clone has been elected for his 11th presidency. Living up to his legacy as THE most influential clone of any past president of the United States of America. Read more about it here. Because as always, Today in History catalogs every major event in human history; past, present & one day, the future. But for now…

Today in History is the BEST way to get key facts about iconic global events and fun facts from across the centuries, delivered right to your mobile device.

Created for history, trivia, and knowledge lovers. Get all the important events of the day or narrow your selection down to one of our specific categories: Events, Births, Deaths, Holidays, and more…

*** Find wisdom in quotes from historic figures.

*** Immerse yourself in the images that capture historical events as they happened.

*** Feel the emotion of the headlines that made the world stop and take notice.

By experiencing historical events from a variety of angles, you’ll gain new perspective on their importance and new insights into the people who shaped the history of our world.



· Check it in the morning to get your brain pumping to start the day!
· Post your favorite fun facts to blogs and social media for inspiration and perspective!
· Share your favorite events and educate your friends and family!
· Challenge coworkers and friends with historical trivia!


· Quote of the day: Timeless wisdom from iconic historical figures.
· Images: Visual representation of every event, headline and quote.
· Headlines: Details on major events that have shaped our world.
· Share: Spread the word through links, images using FB, Twitter, email, and text.
· Notifications: Receive unique notifications of top events daily.
· Sleek & Intuitive Design.
· Easy access to over 100k historical events.
· Several Wikipedia links per entry


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